Writing on software design, company building, and career learnings.

Sharing and distilling knowledge from my recent work, so others can be informed and learn along with me.

My 2023 year in review

I quit my job, started my own software company, and proposed! A deep dive into my productivity stats, business metrics, and social media engagement.

2 years out of college as a Software Engineer

2 years down as a professional software engineer, but so many more to go... here are my learnings so far from working at PayPal and Linkedin.

I joined LinkedIn!

PayPal was a fantastic place for me to start my career, but I'm excited to announce I joined LinkedIn as an iOS software engineer. Onward & upward.

Communication lessons learned as a new hire

Communication is an underrated skill as a software dev. Learning how often to communicate to your team, manager, and product partners is important.

Applying and interviewing for jobs

After months of job searching, I finally landed a software engineering job at a great company and I would like to share my experience.

Learning to program

Want to learn how to code? Dive in, get your feet wet, and build up your side project over time. Take it slow, but make sure you learn the right way.

End of an era

This week I sold my prized creation of six years, iUnfollow.com. iUnfollow helps users on Twitter unfollow quickly and efficiently.